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You stand for us, and we stand for you! 
The whole world is with you! The whole world is with Mariupol! The whole world is with Azovstal!

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Full video messages sent from more than 100 cities around the world can be viewed by clicking on the markers on the map:

#World4Mariupol Zaandam Netherlands

Washington D.C., the USA

Johannesburg, South Africa

Antalya Turkey

Bielefeld, Germany

Stockholm, Sweden

#World4Mariupol Stockholm, Sweden

#World4Mariupol Halifax, Canada

Halifax, Canada

#World4Mariupol Amsterdam, Netherlands

#World4Mariupol Lublin, Poland

#World4Mariupol Antwerp, Belgium

#World4Mariupol San Diego, California, the USA

#World4Mariupol Dusseldorf, Germany

#World4Mariupol Białystok, Poland

#World4Mariupol Eindhoven, the Netherlands

#World4Mariupol Prague, Czech Republic

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Antarctica, National Antarctic Scientific Center

#World4Mariupol Prague, Czech Republic

#World4Mariupol Chicago, Illinois, the USA

#World4Mariupol Singapore, Republik of Singapore

#World4Mariupol Copenhagen, Denmark

#World4Mariupol Lund, Sweden

#World4Mariupol Rome, Italy

Laguna Beach, California, the USA


Vienna, Austria

Frankfurt, Germany

Freising, Germany

Karlsruhe, Germany

Zagreb, Croatia

Torre de la Horadada, Spain

Jersey City, USA

Lindhorst, Germany

Warsaw, Poland

St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Toronto, Canada

Kyoto, Japan

Rome, Italy

Rome, Italy

Vilnius, Lithuania

Los Angeles, California, the USA

Panama City, Panama

Zurich, Switzerland

Kremenchug, Ukraine

Gothenburg, Sweden

Leeds, UK

Osnabrück, Germany

London, the United Kingdom

London, the United Kingdom

Barcelona, Spain

Paphos, Cyprus

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Amersham, Buckinghamshire, England

Zurich, Switzerland

Boca Raton, FL, USA

Paris, France

Paris, France

Kyiv, Ukraine

Amersham, Buckinghamshire, England

Brussels, Belgium

Milan, Italy


Oslo, Norway


Singapore, Republik of Singapore

Tbilisi, Georgia

Sheffield, England

Washington, DC, USA

Quakenbrück, Germany

Lisbon, Portugal

The Hague, the Netherlands

Dresden, Germany

San Pedro del Pinatar, Spain

Brittany, France

Arouca, Portugal for Mariupol

Brittany, France

Brittany, France

Madrid, Spain

Budapest, Hungary

Torrevieja, Spain

Uppsala, Sweden

Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Sofia, Bulgaria

Warsaw, Poland for Mariupol

Lausanne, Switzerland

Paris, France

Pollino, Italy

Sydney, Australia

Kulmbach, Germany

Landshut, Germany

Dublin, Ireland

Marbella, Spain

Seattle, USA

Seattle, USA

Warsaw, Poland

Seattle, USA

Metz, France

Rockville, MD, USA

Montreal, Canada

Munich, Germany for Mariupol

Larnaca, Cyprus

Hildesheim Germany

Barcelona, Spain

Bucharest, Romania

Swakopmund, Namibia

Myrhorod, Ukraine

Gdansk, Poland

Geneva, Switzerland

Madrid, Spain

Stockholm, Sweden

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Ettlingen, Germany

Saint Martin, France

Borgholm, Sweden

Sofia, Bulgaria

Helsinki, Finland

Istanbul, Turkey

Offenburg, Germany

Montreal, Canada

Austin, USA

Salvador, Brazil

Limerick, Ireland

Dnipro, Ukraine

Mouscron, Belgium

Tampere, Finland for Mariupol

Bristol, United Kingdom

Los Angeles, USA

Gdansk, Poland for Mariupol

Stavanger, Norway

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